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Why should you join the Royal Sound Music Program?

There are quite a few reasons:

Joining anyone of our musical ensembles puts in you with a family. At River Ridge, a key concept is unity and friendship. It doesn't matter where or who you are, this program is what brings us together and music is what unites us.  This not just a band, but a family that will stick with each other through and through.

Studies show that there are a number of benefits to the human brain in terms of cognitive development. Personal and academic success factors can be attributed to students taking music education. Students involved in music throughout high school have an average of a 3.0 GPA exceeding those not in a music program  with GPA's averaging  2.6 and below.

Students in any of the ensembles learn important traits outside of the music aspect like responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, leadership skills, organization, multi tasking, communication and public speaking. 

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