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Welcome to the River Ridge Royal Sound Colorguard.

Our River Ridge Royal Sound Colorguard focuses on advanced techniques in the field of colorguard. The group works on techniques on flag, rifle, sabre, and dance. 


This group is directed by Madison Nelson.



Straight Superior State Evaluation 2017

FFCC AAA Division 3rd Place  Plant City High School 2017

Chamberlin Winter Invitational AAA 3rd Place 2008

1st Place Scholastic AAA Cougar Invitational 2007

Seminal Visual Spectacular Second Place 2007

Chamberlin Invitational Scholastic AAA 1st Place 2007

Intermediate Class Winterguard  2nd Place 2004

Winterguard Novice Class 2nd Place 1993

1st Place Music USA Festival 2002

Marching Chiefs Class AAA 3rd Place 1996

Superior Summer Camp 1995 Marching Auxiliaries of America

Summer Camp Superior 1995

Treasure Coast Superior Auxiliary 1995

Treasure Coast Superior Auxiliary 1993



Chamberlin Invitational Superior Colorguard

Outstanding Individual Performance

3rd Annual Marching Chiefs Superior Auxiliary 

Outstanding Flag Technique - American Dance Alliance

Plant City High School- Class B- 3rd Place




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